What is independent and universal verification?

CERTUS generates universally verifiable documents, whatever the format – paper or digital. Any verifier such as an employer, a government official, a notary, or auditor etc. can verify, with a smartphone or a computer, paper or digital documents independently from the issuer and any third-party infrastructure.

The open verification algorithm can be executed manually and requires just three elements:

  • The secured data set with the QR code;
  • The cryptographic seal;
  • The widely published (UK Financial Times / Twitter) Guardtime monthly security token.

A simple tool empowers anyone to fully verify the independent proof of:

  • The date and time of issuance of the document;
  • The name of the issuing authority;
  • The authenticity of the underlying claim.

The open and self-contained CERTUS verification features allow any party to build a fully autonomous verification service and share it within its own community. To facilitate the implementation of CERTUS, SICPA also offers its own universal verifier service which allows one click verification of any CERTUS-linked certificate.

CERTUS verification with a smartphone showing successful verification (the document is authentic) and verification error (the authenticity of the document cannot be confirmed).