Who is CERTUS for?

CERTUS is a versatile solution designed for use by a range of document-issuing authorities worldwide, such as educational institutions, government authorities and any other official bodies. The type of documents and records that can be protected by CERTUS includes:

  • Academic Records: Degree and Diploma Certificates, Course Completion Certificate.
  • Civic Records: Certificates of Birth, Death, Marriage.
  • Legal Records: Notarial acts, Property Title deeds, Will, Apostille.
  • Official documents: Vehicle registration, Licence to operate.
  • Financial Records: Grant, Loan, Proof of insurance.
  • Health Records: Prescription, Personal medical record, Licence to practice.
  • Business Records: Trade licence, Tax certificate, Invoices.

Certificates, official documents and records carry lifelong importance and value for holders. CERTUS helps protect the reputation of issuers and offers peace of mind to document holders as well as a simple, reliable and cost-effective means for verifiers to carry out checks. CERTUS also helps issuers free up resources spent on traditional verification processes.