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How to verify a document

1. Scan the document

2. Double-check the content

3. Your document is verified

CERTUS® mobile application

To simplify the verification of multiple documents, use our mobile app.


CERTUS® is a cost-effective and easy-to-integrate solution enabling real-time digital content and printed document certification and verification.

Anywhere, anytime.

CERTUS® is designed for document issuers such as educational institutions, government bodies, notaries, local authorities and businesses to swiftly secure printed documents and digital certificates used by holders and verifiers.

CERTUS® effectively supports public and private organisations in their efforts to secure sensitive paper-based and digital content, protecting both the value of the holder’s document and the issuer’s reputation.

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Discover how CERTUS® can effectively support your organisation in securing paper-based documents and digital content, protecting the document value and the issuer's reputation.