Document Certification and Verification for All

CERTUS® sets a new standard in securing value documents, records, credentials and qualifications.

It combines breakthrough digital seal technologies protected by a trust ledger with a secure QR-code applied to your digital and printed documents.

The result is a QR-code marking which is impossible to tamper with or forge and secures both paper-based and digital certificates.

CERTUS® enables independent and universal verification, safeguarding the value of holders’ documents and the reputation of issuing authorities.

Unforgeable QR Code

The CERTUS® tamper-proof QR-code protects the claim (the sensitive data) directly rather than the medium, making it an ideal solution for simple verification of paper and digital documents using widely available mobile devices.

The QR code contains the protected data in plaintext and a cryptographic signature, which acts as a indisputable mathematical proof of the link between the data to be protected and its digital security seal.

A Unique Digital Security Seal

The cryptographic seal secured by a trust ledger technology guarantees the integrity of the certificate for life.

A digital security seal is used to seal the QR code and make it tamper-proof by creating a forgery proof link with the QR code’s cryptographic signature.

The seal is timestamped, making the sealed document credentials immutable for life and independently verifiable without the need for a third-party guarantor.

digital seal

The seal contains only metadata such as the issuer name and the date of activation. Personal and sensitive information are never stored directly, nor encrypted, in any database or trust ledger.

The combination of QR code, digital seal and timestamping makes the CERTUS® security marking virtually impossible to tamper with or forge. It makes it universally and independently verifiable for life.

Protected by Trust Ledger

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