Notary fraud is more common than many people think. Valuable documents are sometimes notarised without the knowledge or consent of the holder.

Some countries lack a proper system to verify the legitimacy of notary services, leaving people at risk of fraud and undermining the legitimacy of the notary service industry as a whole.

CERTUS® provides a flexible and comprehensive solution for certificate issuers, holders and verifiers of valuable ‘living’ documents.

CERTUS® protects the interests and legitimacy of issuers and assures holders and verifiers of the authenticity of the origin and status of certificates and the issuing authority.

CERTUS® can be used to benefit a wide range of notary services, including for the authentication and verification of:
  • Legal documents for the sale/purchase of real estate, including mortgages and refinancing
  • Wills, testaments and estate planning
  • Powers of attorney
  • Contract documents and agreements

Protect your reputation

Let's have a conversation on how CERTUS® will help you to not only preserves your reputation but also reinforces trust within the holder and verifier community.