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CERTUS® is a cost-effective and easy-to-integrate solution enabling real-time digital content and printed document certification and verification.

Anywhere, anytime.

CERTUS® is specially designed for document issuers such as educational institutions, government bodies, notaries, local authorities and businesses to swiftly secure printed documents and digital certificates used by holders and verifiers.


  • Rapid time to market
  • No infrastructure required
  • Universal independent verification service
  • Reliable, proven technology
  • Versatile application
  • Safeguards reputation

Easy integration and deployment

• Online service, no infrastructure required
• Instantly operational
• No technical resources required
• Full integration with existing IT processes
• Protect any type of data structure

Time-saving authentication

• Easy authentication of issuer and protected data
• Swift screening and verification of
content and credentials
• No need to contact issuer to verify data

Universal verification

• Unlimited verification ability in time, place and form
• Seamless integration with existing verification systems
• Independence of verification from third parties

Strengthen reputation

• Protect credibility of assets and values
• Reinforced issuer’s standing
• Extends trusted relationships with holders
and verifiers


  • Ever-present service
  • Ultimate security and confidentiality
  • Easy to use
  • Inclusive

Seamless experience

• Single-click authentication
• Independent verification
• Reliable and flexible
• Peace of mind for holders

Inclusive service

• Equal access for all
• Certify printed and digital documents
• No digital device required
• Offline verification possible

Lifetime value

• Certificates lifelong validity
• No time and location restriction for verification
• Applicable for any verification system
• Third party-free authentication

Privacy protection

• No data base storage or encryption
• Self-contained QR code
• Compliant with GDPR

100% secured credentials

Based on mathematical proofs, the origin and legitimacy of the credentials are 100% secured. CERTUS® provides independent verifiable proof of:

Date and time of issuance of the document

Name of the issuing authority

Current validity of the document (active, expired,

Authenticity of the underlying claim

Who benefits from CERTUS®?

CERTUS® is a versatile solution that can be used to issue and secure a range of official documents and records. It benefits all parties involved in the verification of official documents and records:


The authority responsible for issuing the certificate or official record can rely on CERTUS® to protect its reputation as the rightful issuer and enable trust among its community of holders.


Document holders can rest assured knowing they can irrefutably prove that CERTUS-protected claims are valid and authentic without relying on any third party.


Any third-party verifier, for example employers who are responsible for verifying official documents held by prospective employees, can benefit from the fast and fool-proof CERTUS® solution, which will significantly reduce the costs of the verification process.