Numerous cases of fraud have been reported in relation to the misuse of government-issued certificates, such as those issued for birth, death or marriage.

Although birth certificates were originally intended for the sole purpose of birth registration , they are now used extensively for employment purposes and to obtain benefits or other documents used for identification (including drivers’ licences, social security and passports).

The need for an effective means to authenticate and verify certificates issued by legitimate authorities has never been so strong.

CERTUS® provides a flexible and comprehensive solution for certificate issuers, holders and verifiers of valuable ‘living’ documents.

CERTUS® protects the interests and legitimacy of issuers and assures holders and verifiers of the authenticity of the origin and status of certificates and the issuing authority.

CERTUS® has wide-ranging use for governments, including for the authentication and verification of:
  • Civic records

    (Certificate of Birth, Adoption, Death, Marriage, Divorce, Residence permit)
  • Legal records

    (Notarial act, Property title deed, Will, Apostille, Extract from the debt collection register)
  • Official documents

    (Vehicle registration, Licence to operate, Company registration, Voter card, Arms licence, Fishing licence, Hunting licence)
  • Travel documents

    (Travel and Visa document, Driving licence)
  • Financial Records

    (Grant, Loan, Proof of insurance)
  • Health records

    (COVID-19 immunological passport, Health service, Prescription, Personal medical record, Licence to practice)
  • Benefit records

    (Social security, Benefit eligibility, Benefit disbursement)
  • Business records

    (Trade licence, Tax certificate, Invoices)

Preserve the integrity of government-issued certificates!

Let's have a conversation on how CERTUS® will help you to not only preserves your reputation but also reinforces trust within the holder and verifier community.