Why adopt CERTUS to secure certificates?

The CERTUS solution is primarily designed to help protect the reputation of issuers, safeguard trust among document holders and assure verifiers who all need a simple and low-cost means to authenticate claims. The main advantages of CERTUS are:

  • Simple, reliable and cost-effective solution that is easy to implement ‐ No installation needed as CERTUS is a fully cloud-based service with seamless web/mobile app authentication.
  • CERTUS secures both paper and digital documents without storing any sensitive data, which makes it a unique solution on the market.
  • CERTUS provides third parties like employers, government officials, auditors etc. with a simple mean to carry out independent verification using an open and self-contained verification feature that functions independently from the issuer and does not require any special infrastructure.
  • CERTUS enables document holders to have 100 percent and lifelong confidence in their ability to irrefutably authenticate/certify the content of the document issued to them and in the integrity of the issuing process.