Founded in 1927 and based in Lausanne, Switzerland, SICPA is the world’s leading provider of secure identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services. Every day, governments, companies and millions of people rely on us to protect the integrity and value of their currency, personal identity, products, documents and brands. SICPA operates worldwide, with offices and factories on five continents, providing technologies and services to more than 180 countries. Making the world more secure for everyone is our business purpose.

SICPA has partnered with Guardtime, the first provider of a nationwide blockchain solution called KSI Blockchain, which has been operational for a wide range of public services in Estonia for more than a decade. CERTUS is the result of our joint efforts to ensure the integrity and reliability of public and official services in a digital society. We help governments and authorities to rethink public services in a transitional physical/digital environment, while preserving the full confidence of people and businesses in the integrity and authenticity of documents and processes.