Notary fraud is more common than many people think. Valuable documents are sometimes notarised without the knowledge or consent of the holder. Some countries lack a proper system to verify the legitimacy of notary services, leaving people at risk of fraud and undermining the legitimacy of the notary service industry as a whole.

CERTUS provides a flexible and comprehensive solution for certificate issuers, holders and verifiers of valuable ‘living’ documents. CERTUS protects the interests and legitimacy of issuers and assures holders and verifiers of the authenticity of the origin and status of certificates and the issuing authority.

CERTUS can be used to benefit a wide range of notary services, including for the authentication and verification of:
  • Legal documents for the sale/purchase of real estate, including mortgages and refinancing
  • Wills, testaments and estate planning
  • Powers of attorney
  • Contract documents and agreements

Protect your reputation

Together we will help you put simple and cost effective measures in place to protect your community of certificate holders.